Sep 29, 2010

Matching matching - get creative

A good way to combine everything together in a room is choose your colour scheme and fabric. I recently found an absolutely gorgeous fabric in Spotlight, I bought a few metres of it and made 4 cushion covers. With the remaining fabric I was very creative, I had a GIANT Black frame, which I was going to throw out because the glass was broken and I had thrown all the glass out so it was just a blank frame. I bought some  wadding and glued it to the cardboard part of my frame, I then stapled my sexy new fabric over the top of that then put the black frame over it. It is now a great notice board! Talk about recycling. I still had a bit of fabric left over and gluegunned it over the top of a boring old lampshade.
Now in the room the notice board, lampshade and cushion covers all match and ties the colour scheme in very nicely with great character!

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