Dec 30, 2012

decorating new bedroom with a mini budget

When we moved into our gorgeous new house the only thing I wasn't too sure about was the green wall in our bedroom. But my husband restrained me from painting it straight away (I tend to go decor crazy and put thousands of pictures up and paint everything including the furniture) so I went to typo and bought these three canvases which came to a total of $9.00. The lights are green and pink and also from typo which were a gift from my sister but I know she got them in the sale for $5. I absolutely love typo for their sales!
I didnt just go with the Paris theme because its annoyingly being forced onto everything in the shops at yhe moment. I have actually been to Paris and it is kind of magical from my memory. I also thought it was fitting for a bedroom, you know city of love etc. And I thought these pieces were cute and quirky and not too run of the mill.

The butterfly cushion was $20 from target a while ago and the other two were in my bedroom when I was a teenager. Flung together it looks okay and quite relaxing. The green and cream of the furniture and bedding goes together really nice and suits the rainforesty, tree covered mountain view out the window that we are lucky to have.
I still want to paint it turquoise though!!
Have just added a green metal Paris sign, from bed bath n table, I think it finishes it off perfect.


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