Dec 31, 2012

Happy 2013!

I really am excited about 2013.
2012 has taught me a lot and 2013 is a brand new year to put it all into practice and become the best person I can be.

As one of my New Years Resolutions is to blog more - I thought this would be an ideal time to set down what I want to achieve this year in writing by blogging about it.

Firstly I want to let myself
ENJOY MYSELF - That is what life is here for. Don't get me wrong, I love my life and my children, family and friends but sometimes I am so serious and get caught up in trivial stuff and let other people effect my moods. Everybody does but there is no point in doing all of the hard work unless you sit back and enjoy it :-)

DON'T BE NEGATIVE - I am obsessed with Rhonda Byrnes books at the moment ( The Magic, The Power and The Secret ) They're all about the law of attraction, being grateful and how you get back what you give. You don't realize that all the small negative things you do like complaining about services, complaining about your finances, saying negative things about people really affect your whole mood, emotions and ultimately your life. I'm all about being positive now and not letting little things get me down or making a little problem turn into a big problem.

CUT DOWN ON SUGAR! I am a major Sugar Addict, the more I eat, the more I crave, the worse I feel. It has nothing to do with weight, I just always have no energy, I feel sluggish and have major sugar crashes, headaches etc. I am firstly going to replace my morning tea with hot watewr and honey, I tried it today and it was really nice. I sometimes have 4 or 5 cups of tea a day and I have 2/3 teaspoons of sugar in them. Over a year that is like a tonne of frickin sugar, not to mention all the other sugar I eat between then.
This will also be good as the ants are constantly finding a way into my sugar containers, you know those microscopic almost invisible ones I have discovered up here in Cairns.

BE ADVENTUROUS - I sometimes need to push myself as I can be guilty of having an automatic No answer ( It really annoys my husband ) I get comfortable where I am and sometimes shut the idea of doing something, or going somewhere new down before I've even thought of it. I have to have a steady routine as I have two toddlers and most days I have a routine of playtime, naps, mealtimes and getting housework and my book writing /  Graphic Design work to fit in. We've got it pretty good now so when someone invites us somewhere or my husband wants to take us somewhere I might say No, even though it could be fun. I want to challenge myself into trying new things, new food, new activities and new skills.

Wow this makes me sound like a frightened little Hermitt when I read this back, haha I promise I'm not, the kids and I have lots of fun and we are always at the park, swimming in our pool or doing some drawing and that kind of thing but I want to take everything one step further this year, live life to the fullest.

Get Rich, Get a toned tummy, Drink More Water, Buy a fabulous Car and Care about fashion and what I wear again...... These kinds of things are also on the list somewhere too.

 But mainly Be Happy and Be Healthy, because that's all that really matters.


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