Jan 11, 2013

Photography Tips - Taking pictures of a child

Its hard taking pictures of your child, they're busy and uninterested in the fact that you want a picture.
 But it is also a very important job as you are making their childhood memories last forever and also for them to see the pictures when they are older. Bad photographs really wind me up, it's probably because I am a photographer but still, a photograph is important to anyway and you shouldn't be lazy about it.

I have made a list of a few things to help out when taking photos of a busy child.

1. Lighting is the most important thing! I'm not saying you need to be in a professionally lit studio, far from it (I hate setup studio pics) but don't expect a great photo if you are in dinghy l;ighting or the sun is in the childs eyes and everything is too bright.

Take a second to stand appropriately to the lighting or change it as best as you can. Daylight is always the best lighting but obviously that's not always possible and when taking photos inside be aware of the lighting, the shadows its casting etc.

2. Stop saying "look at the camera for mummy" over and over again. It's annoying and it doesn't work. Observe the child, be patient, try and interact with him or her, talk to them.... This way you'll get the most natural pictures.

3. Come down to the childs level.
This will avoid hundreds of the same looking picture where your focus is on the childs head and makes the body look smaller.

4. Be Creative. I mentioned before I hated those studio set up pictures with a painfully white, bright background and everyone is smiling their heads off! Take the kids to their favourite place, or give them a favourite toy or take them somewhere they can run around, have fun and laugh. The beach or the forest is always great for this.

5. Make sure the camera is in focus.
This isn't just for fancy cameras it's for normal everyday cameras and  phone cameras too. If you press the capture button down for a fraction of a second before taking the picture, that focuses it in most cameras.

Here are some of my favourite photos that I have taken myself. Some were taken on my DSLR but some were taken just on my phone. They capture the personality and happiness of the child and are not too set up and fake. Perfect childhood memories, fit for any photo album!


  1. all these photos are so lovely! great tips :-)


  2. Thanks for the great tips.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog - I am your newest follower!

    Melissah from Coastal Style

  3. Great tips they're all gorgeous photos xx


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