Jan 3, 2013

Trying (really bloody hard) to be organised!!

Its pretty hard being organised with two busy little toddlers running around wanting to play and have fun and be entertained pretty much all day. But if you're not organised, things can be chaotic.

If you've read much of my ither blogs you will see thw beginning of 2013 has made me full of hope and inspiration to have an amazing year.

Yesterday I wanted to organise all of my stuff, like my make-up, clothes and just see what I had. (I normally just wear my Cairns Mum outfit of a swimming costume and shorts or a singlet and shorts) Its sooo bloody hot and everything just makes me uncomfortable. But then everytime you walk past a mirror of yourself you're like "whoaaaa who is this bitch in her pyjamas and messy hair" - sometimes i realise I havent got dressed because trying to have a shower with the little ones, get everyone dressed and tidy the bathroom afterwards is just too much. Or I get really into cleaning a room or cleaning up the breakfast mess (cereal with toddlers is never gunna be fun to clean up). But with the new Superwoman Me of 2013 i decided to sort the closet and clothes situation to make it as easy and desirable to get up and make myself look nice every morning!!

I had loads of lovely things, stuff I had forgotten about. I sorted the singlets out and folded them all on top of each other, black, white, grey etc. Then put all the nice tops together. I hung all my 'fancy' tops together, then nice dresses, then 'posh' dresses' which I had about five of (including my wedding dress) Basically it has made me realise I need to go shopping! Start caring more about style and fashion and all the things like that I used to love.

Follow me on my journey of rediscovering myself and getting stylish and well dressed. I will blog about some outfits I come up with soon!

All I need is some Louboutins, a sexy chair and I'm Carrie Bradshaw ;-)


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