Feb 26, 2013

Photo-shoots and Bonding

This week when my In-Laws were staying with us, I helped my mother in law start up her blog again and going to give it a bit of a makeover. She is a great writer, writes from the heart to help her deal with all her feelings. She is over fifty but still seems a lot younger. She needs a place to put down all her research and poetry and deep thoughts because she has a lot!

I took some photos of her and we had a bit of a mini photo shoot together, which was pretty fun, so I thought I'd share some of them and I have used some of the ones she took of me on my home page too.
I have also jazzed my blog up a bit and found this awesome blogsite, where you can download heaps of cute stuff for your for FREE!


^ This is the link, you must check it out and download some of the shabby icons, they're so cute!

We were pretty pleased with them and I will get to work with jazzing up her blog.

Theses are a few of me, posing!

Anyway, her blog is called
Life of a Menopausal Merlot Maniac!!!!

Here's the link :)

^ Thats one of the cute downloads I got from Shabby Blogs :)


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