Mar 16, 2013

Animal Testing - I'm shocked...

Ok so not only have I had to bin a whole load of creams and makeup due to them being filled with parabens and other harsh chemicals and not nice ingredients that actually make us ill. Now I learn that pretty much all big brand companies STILL use animal testing.
I know there has been a recent ban in Europe on these produxts (although I'm not sure what exactly the law of it is) but as for Australia Im not sure where they stand on it.

I found this great new BB cream and I decided to google the brand and find out if they tested on animals and what a surprise...they did. I ended up snooping around on the PETA website and was shocked at all the things I didnt know and the amount of cruelty to animals just for clothing alone.

Now first of all I downloaded their 'list' on who doesnt test on animals and who does, so that next time I want to buy a product I can check this list to make sure it hasnt been tested on animals.

But secondly it made me question a whole load of other stuff. Like my clothing, where do my beautiful leather handbags come from? Woollen inserts in your boots? Do I need to have vegan friendly clothing as well now?

It raised the vegetarian question again. I was a vegetarian for 7 years. Mainly because I dont particularly like red meat and when I was younger I didnt like the idea of killing the animals.
As I got older (and anaemic) I decided that animals werent vegetarians themselves, we were all in the circle of life. Lions eat meat of other animals, seals eat meat, most animals do.

But still, they dont have butcher shops  make money from it and keep the animals locked up in cages or electrocute their prey first.

I started buying only farm raised or free range meat but still..

Its too much for my brain to handle right now but I will say this, be mindful, download the list off of PETA's website and don't use anything tested on animals, question it before you buy a product, boycott those companies. Animals don't need to suffer for our bloody BB creams. Its ridiculous.
If the ingredients are natural they wouldnt need to be tested on animals.
But I Have had to rethink all my favourite brands which is soooo annoying and so disappointing.

Go to

for said lists and I would appreciate any tips you have on staying animal friendly. I dont know if I am naiive bit some stuff didn't even cross my mind
'asian leather farms' for one...

I cant believe the things humans will do for money and we live in a world where we have to question anything.

Just thought I'd share this with you anyway, its not a normal blog content post of mine but hope everyone will think before they buy abd check out that website



  1. Good recommendation! I need to look into this and see what products I may be using to stay clear from.
    I really like your blog and find it helpful and inspiring. I have decided to nominate you for my Liebster Award. You can check it out here:

    I hope to read your answers to the questions I posted! happy blogging
    xx Maddy

  2. Yeh its such a shame, some of my favourite brands were on the list of 'does test on animals'.Thanks so much for the nomination.Will pop by and check your blog out now x


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