Mar 22, 2013

Big Eyebows

Eyebrow trends come and go, I am glad though to see the back of the plucked to within an inch of its life ' looka
Remember those? Everyone plucking their eyebrows so thin they were left with a white line underneath the remaining hair' some people would pluck them shorter than they were supposed to be in length, leaving the whole face looking lost and bug eyed.

I could never keep up. I have dark hair and naturally thick brows.
Lately everybody has seen the wonder of the eyebrow pencil, from the pin-up copycats to the girls on Geordie Shore.

I was curious on the best way to acheive the look and I watched a very helpful vlog from Leanne Woodfull of Thunder and Threads.

I am totally obsessed with her youtube channel at the moment, she has so many great make-up and style tips.

I had a go at my pencilling them for  quite a dramatic look, I don't know if I'd don them like this everyday but definitely for a night out.

Do you pencil yours??

I'm off for a make-up haul today, especially after I had to bin most of my products last week due to animal testing issues (Still shocked at my fave big brands and very disappointed) I will do a post of my haul soon, eek how exciting new make-up!!



  1. i think they look good,especially for an evening out.. i have always had problems doing eyeliner, thanks for sharing the you tube channel, i have picked up some good tips xx

    1. Oh Thankyou! Yeh the channel is great, I always thought that people didn't need tips on basic things like putting on make-up but after watching a few tutorials I'm like 'why didn't I know that, that's brilliant!"So now I'm obsessed with them. Glad you think my eyebrows are ok, I'm still new to putting on makeup properly!!

  2. God, I think they look brilliant! Really REALLY good. My eyebrows are rubbish. I remember my friend insisting that I go to the cinema with her to see Moulin Rouge and the only thing I found even vaguely interesting was Nicole Kidman's eyebrows (really long). I think yours look really 60's-esque. Which is definitely good!

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Thanks Kate, I'm still new to putting on make-up 'properly' but amazed at all the new things I'm learning. It also gave me an excuse to go out and buy a whole new make-up set yesterday (ooops).
      ps. yes I know what you mean about those Nicole Kidman eyebrows!
      pps. Im glad you said they looked 60s esque as that was the look I was going for so I'm on track!!


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