Mar 18, 2013

Dear Oscar, now you are three....

I wanted to start something, where I write some of the things that are so important and special for me. My son has just turned three and I thought I'd do one for him in a sort of letter, every year for his birthday. Maybe when he's older I could print them all off and give them to him (Although by then he'd probably think it was weird and embarrassing but never mind, I think I already have 'embarrassing Mum syndrome' - this morning I did something silly and he put his head in his hands and shook his head saying, "Oh Mum, sake.."
It was so funny. Anyway here goes,

Dear Oscar,

Now you are three. Ever since I've known you, growing so big in my tummy, I have loved you. But I love you more and more each day because of the little man you are turning out to be.

You're sensible and polite, happy and silly. You look after your sister and always hold her hand to keep her safe when we go out. I love the way you talk to me and how smart you already are.
I love watching your 'shows' with you and seeing you decide who your favourite characters are. (Go Diego Go!)

I love to watch you play with your toys, which you always always share. For many other three year olds this could be quite rare. (This is sounding like a poem in my head now...)

You are such an easy child, always helpful and fixing things and helping me with the housework, (You literally hoovered the whole house the other, looking really proud of yourself!) with baking, it makes you feel grown up. ( As long as you have burnt off some of that energy you have bubbling up in you, we go to the park or in the pool or in the garden)
You can already swim without your armbands, it amazes me how strong and competent you are in everything you do.

I love our cuddles in bed or on the couch, you are so affectionate with your family and it never fails to cheer me up. 
The other day I had to go outside at Grandmas house, it was dark and you had seen a cane toad out the window. When I told you I had to go out there you said
"Mum, there's ten ribbits out there, be careful!"
"I will"
"Promise?' you said, it was so cute and the things like that you do show me how caring you are already.

You still have the jellycat you have had since you were born, I love how much you love it!

You literally light up my life, have made me want to be the best person I can be for you. I have more respect for myself and know that everything I do is worth it because you deserve the world.
I love you so much, you handsome little boy!!



  1. Aww this was a beautiful post! I enjoyed reading it a lot! Happy B-day to your son :D

  2. Such a beautiful post! I nearly cried/


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