Mar 31, 2013

Gotta Love The Gold Coast

On Easter Saturday I took the kids to the Gold Coast. I just love the Gold Coast, whether its Surfers Paradise, Dreamworld, Seaworld or the surrounds. You always feel like you are on holiday.
We went to Broadbeach Parklands, which is basically this huge esplanade and park all along the beach. There was hundreds of fun parks and a water park called the rock-pools which had sprinklers and little pools of water, great fun and safe for the little ones.

I always find when I go places for the kids, the park equipment is suitable for kids over 3 or 4 but only have like one crappy thing for kids younger than that. But this place was great and had loads of safe and fun stuff for both kids to play on.

On the beach they had these cool little sit in boats and a wooden thing they were tied to with a chain. We sat right next to them and the kids played on them the whole time we were there and with their buckets and spades.

It wasn't packed either, don't you find now you're older or now you have kids, you always debate whether to go somewhere, if it's a bank holiday everyone's like "ooh no, it'll be PACKED today!!" hahaha well today it wasn't packed, even driving there was smooth running and hardly any traffic 9which is always a bonus when travelling with two toddlers, constantly demanding more drinks, snacks and finding new ways to try and escape from their seats)

I got some great piccies too!

I love the way the white sky has made this look dramatic!

Skyscrapers, stinger nets, sandy beaches #goldcoast

Love a bit of 3D art on the esplanade

I love this funny tree!

A small bit of The Rockpools park on the seafront

Hope you all had a great Easter, love Hayley x



  1. Thank you so much for putting my blog button on your blog! Lovely photos your children look beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  2. Great to see sun and sand when it's still freezing here.Thanks for joining my blog.


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