Mar 7, 2013

whats wrong with skinny?

I cant believe that this is a controversial title.

Let me just state I do not agree with starving, drastic diets or any diets really unless its for health and fitness reasons.

But, more and more these days you hear of  how models are too skinny and in some cases yes they are (ie drastic diets and unhealthy weight for their personal BMI's)

But I would just like to share my experience for those out there who can relate to it, you never know it may help someone...

Ok so when I was a little girl I was really tiny, skinny, petite, small frame. I would always eat quite a lot, I could eat as much sugar, potatoes, bread with my fruit and veggies and whatever I wanted. I never put weight on and my Mum said it was because I had a small frame and a fast metabolism.
When I started Secondary School I was popular but you've always got some people that hate you for no reason, except people would pick on me for being skinny.

I remember people walking behind me and laughing and saying my legs were going to snap and all sorts of mean things. I couldnt wear clothes that were my age size, peolke would laugh when they saw the younger age label.

I would look at the chunkier or musclier girls in my class and long for their bigger thighs, bigger wrists, bigger bodies!!

Then when I left school and went to college, I was between 16-18 and i suppose i got a bit of puppy fat, my boobs filled out, so did my face and I weighed about 7 and a half stone. I was delighted and didnt worry about the way I looked anymore. I lived the way I looked.

Until about three years later and I somehow lost that youthful, full looking body and the mean comments started again

Can I just ask when did people think it was okay to go up to a person and say.."Oh my God you're so thin, don't you eat?"

Did you seriously just accuse me of having an eating disorder or something?

Imagine if someone came up to you and said " Oh my God, you're so Fat, you must eat a shit load of food"

Youd probably get a slap and get called a bitch.

But those comments, along with "you need to put some weight on", "you're too thin" and "You need to eat more" are really hurtful and imply "you don't look perfect, theres something wrong with you, you dont look nice"

And every time I'd hear these comments, I'd feel ugly, I'd pray to God I could put weight on, I'd go on protein shakes, eat steaks, eat chocolate all day long and eat more calories than my reccommended daily allowance, nothing worked. Im always stuck at 7 stone.

This is my body, I am healthy as can be as far as a doctor is concerned. Why oh Why do people feel  the need to comment on it and make out theres something wrong with me or that I starve myself?? It makes me angry because its the complete opposite, pressured to weigh more than Im suppised to to make other people feel okay it.

Now the media have started too, consciously trying to brain wash people.
Now its all about 'banning skinny models, only curvy girls are sexy. In magazines they always have these segments with like a vote on whos sexier with  a normal / skinny girl in a bikini next to a photoshopped curvy gorgeous girl like Marilyn Monroe.
with everyone agreeing the skinny girl is disgusting and not a 'real' woman.

The kind of bullying that plus size girls have been subject to for the last decade.

Just because someone is skinny doesn't mean they have an eating disorder and just because someone is large doesn't mean they are clinically obese with out of control eating.

Why do people all have to be one same size to be beautiful?

Why is a certain weight fashionable?
Please can we all except people the way they are, if someones beautiful tell them and dont ever let anyone feel they're not because of what is currently trendy or appearing on catwalks.

Thankyou, Rant Over xx



  1. A great post Hun. You're gorgeous! I'm a more slim curvy girl and I'm happy with that I'm also not bothered by others size so long as, like yourself they're looking after themselves xx

  2. Great post! I know how you feel because I´ve gone through the same. When I was in Middle School the school´s psychologist was the one who told me, literally "you are so skinny. What the hell is wrong with you? you look anorexic". I mean, come on! So, I do understand. But, no matter what they say, your body is absolutely beautiful and you don´t need to try to put on weight just because they say so. You are beautiful as you are, and actually, you are a lot curvier than me hehe.
    Amazing post!
    Big kiss,

    1. thanks for reading Dany, glad you lkked, someones got to speak up for us skinnies lol! xx

    2. Haha yes! Someones got to :D By the way, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award :D
      All details are here
      Hope to read your post soon :)

  3. Agreed! But I think your body looks pretty normal and proportional :)

    1. thanks monica, thats what i thought and know im not underweight its just what other people feel the need to say!! thanks for stopping by, will check your blog out x

  4. I totally agree! People say ridiculous things without thinking. Or worst still WITH thought. My little girls suggests "turning your ears off " in these situations.

    I think you look fantastic.

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. thats actually a pretty good idea!! she must be a very wise little girl :-)

  5. I can relate to this so much, great post! :)


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