Apr 20, 2013

A Chatty One

As I sit here waiting for 'The Rachel Zoe Project' to download on iTunes, I'm flicking in between Pinterest, Editing my Book, making snacks, watching vlogs and planning paintings in my head.

I can't concentrate on one thing for more than two minutes, so I thought I'd write this post and focus for just a second! And tell you a bit about my week.

Lovely stuff!

 Reading and doodling and writing - my heaven

A lovely day out to Manly Markets and harbour in Brisbane, hopefully I will have a stall there one day

A walk to the park, me wearing my bargain $3.95 leopard skirt from the Op-shop from the Manly trip above!

Still getting the hang of posing!!

1. I got loads of super books out at the library, ones to educate me and help me with my research.
The best are 'Twitter Power' by joel comm which gives you loads of great tips on HOW to use twitter and how to use it help promote the things you want promoted like your blogs and stuff.

The other BRILLIANT one is called, 'the eco chick, how to be fabulously green, guide to life ' by Starre Vartam. I wish every single person in the world would read this, it tells you all about the little things you can do to contribute to making the whole world greener. Simple things like take shorter showers, don't ue chemicals on your skin or in your home because it really does affect us, our waters etc.
I'm going to write a separate post all about it and really make changes myself.

2. I bought two big canvases and am planning a whole series of paintings that I'm so excited about. My first one will be a view of Surfers Paradise, I can't wait to get stuck into a painting again.
I got this tabletop easel too, it's more practical so the kids can join in at the table with their colouring and stuff.

3. It got colder!! WOOHHOOO! I am so excited that I can now not only wear leggings again but at night I can wear a jumper (I'm thinking big chunky knits)  and closed footwear!!
I was so excited I went and bought 3 pairs of trainers today one for me and one for each of the kids! I can't wait to go proper shopping, I'm going to plan outfits I need and shop around to get a lovely organised new winter wardrobe!!

Hope you all had a good week too! x

Here's some of the links to the vlogs and clips I watch x

1. Leanne Woodfull - Thunder and Threads http://www.youtube.com/user/leannewoodfull?feature=watch
2. Zoella http://www.youtube.com/user/zoella280390
3. A butt workout video - So gunna do this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsYSCqLD_VE
4. Tanya Burr - Beauty blogger (amazing) http://www.youtube.com/user/pixi2woo



  1. Great post! I loved your dress, and your little kid :3 Those books seem really good! I am adding them to my reading list, I watch Zoella´s videos too hehe.
    Great signature!!
    xx Dany

    1. Forgot to say, I nominated you for the Versatile award :D http://bluebellsandowls.blogspot.mx/2013/04/my-versatile-award.html


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