Apr 11, 2013

Creative Week

This week I have tried to make time for more things I love doing, like reading, drawing and writing.
Instead of watching hours of Geordie Shore and Kim and Kourtney take Miami ( Yes, I am a reality TV addict and I don't care, I know it's probably scripted and I know it's trashy and min-numbing but I can't help it, it's my guilty pleasure!!)

So I got myself a lovely sketch book, some new pencils and charcoal (Woodless Charcoal is definitely the best to draw with) and did some doodling whilst the kids were doing theirs.

I did a front cover for my second book and have almost finished it (basically just proof-reading now, very exciting!)

I started reading Jodi Picoults new book ' The Storyteller' to remind me of the high standard book I am aiming for myself and just because I'd been really excited about it ( the plotline is amazing, I don't know how she thinks them up!)

And took some photos on my posh camera!

Here's what happened!

So far, I've only read about a quarter but I am hooked!

To get me in the calm and creative mood!!

Found this little beauty in the garden!!

Nothing is more fun than getting lost in a doodle, for no other reason than you can!

Happy boy! Caught him doing a full on giggle!

What do you think of the cover??

You can buy ' Wallflower' here before the sequel ' Sunflower' is released!!


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