Apr 24, 2013

ISO Settings - My photography tips

How to use ISO Settings on your DSLR Camera

I really really needed this when my Automatic setting on my DSLR Camera broke, in one way it was the best thing to happen as I was forced to learn how to use my camera properly.
Basically I had no flash so I had to learn about the ISO settings to control the light coming in my lens.

What the hell is ISO??

The ISO is the film speed, it measures the sensors sensitivity to light.


The lower the ISO Number = The slower the speed
The higher the ISO Number = The faster the speed

If its SUNNY - Use a low speed ISO (100 or 200)
If it's overcast/dim lighting use a range of between 400-800
If its DARK Use a range of 1600 -3200 (if your camera goes up that high) otherwise your picture will be really dark or it might not even take.

The lower the ISO - The better QUALITY the picture but sometimes it is better to get the picture in low quality than none atall!

low ISO Setting used in bright room = great picture!!

Photo taken on medium ISO in the evening (dim light before getting dark)

2 Examples of HIGH ISO used in bright light = GRAINY BAD QUALITY PICTURES!! (But still super cute faces!!)

So as you can see the ISO IS EVERYTHING When taking your pictures, I hope this post helps you understand it simply, this is the basics but if you want to check out ISO in more detail, wikipedia gives you a great explanation (and very technical too).



  1. Great tips! Wish I knew where the ISO is though.. is it on cellphones as well???

    1. Thanks! The ISO Setiings on my Sony DSLR is a seperate button labelled ISO on the right hand side but I'm not too sure for others sorry x

    2. Oh don't worry! Thanks for replying :D

  2. Fab tips and utterly beautiful pics (Honest Mum)!


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