Apr 14, 2013

Little triumphs

Sometimes there's five hundred little things you need to get done every day. All those little things build up, making you stressed, impatient, annoyed and so on.

So I thought I'd share a few of my little triumphs with you (mainly to make myself good) but also to inspire you to get some of those little things done!

First of all I did a new cover for ' Wallflower' the other one was driving me mad but I could never seem to get a minute to sit down and do it or even think about how I wanted it to be done.

Anyway I saw a picture of Kourtney Kardashian and she's been wearing these huge circular sunglasses lately, like Chanel style, I don't know what they are but I just loved it, started drawing them and VOILA, the new cover was born...It just makes me think of Vogue I don't know why.

Its contradicting because the book is called ' wallflower' and the image doesn't portray that at-all, it portrays what she can turn into, with the influence of the other main character Lisa.

My daughter is toilet trained!! She's been ready for ages but we have moved house and things have got in the way, I didn't want her to do it an unsettling time, everywhere I've read on the subject, advises not to toilet train when you move.
But anyway, she did it, in a couple of days, I am so proud and was dreading it, my son didn't seem to have a problem with taking his nappy or pants off to pee, he didn't mind doing on the floor, all the time either!!

Matilda was great, this time I used Huggies Pull Up Training pants and they were amazing, you avoid that 'clearing up pee off the floor' phase and it makes them uncomfortable being that wet so they want to go on the toilet. Every time she did it I'd give her a little treat, a sticker, a nice drink, a little biscuit and she was so proud of herself too.
" Yayy!! Weewees! Big Girl!" she'd smile, and Oscar was great, giving her hugs and saying ' Well done" every time she went on the toilet, so it's goodbye nappies now and another step in her growing up and being independent!

These are also great for popping on when you leave the house, around the time you're toilet training them, if they are not quite ready to just wear pants but you don't want to confuse them by keep sticking nappies back on them.

I have stopped neglecting my twitter account (which attracts followers and more book sales and is quite fun)
I have joined in lots of chats and followed some new people, found some great blogs too.
My highlight of my twitter experience so far is having a ....wait for it....
CONVERSATION WITH JO FROST...SUPERNANNY! We shared the same views on a topic once about that woman on the front page of a glossy magazine, breastfeeding a child that was way past toddler age, he was standiong up and she was breastfeeding, the title was " Are you Mom enough?" 
It wasn't the breastfeeding that offended me (although the kid was about seven and I do think it's a bit weird, definitely not judging though) it was the title, like you're more of a mom if you breastfeed longer. Anyway Jo Frost is one of my biggest idols and I was properly excited to have an almost six tweet convo with her!!

Other than that, I've got paper work stuff, rangthe people I needed to ring regarding documents, bank cards etc. But I feel heaps better for it!
I've had more time to play with the kids and more free head space...

Now I've just gotta finish this second book......



  1. Aww such a lovely post! You are an amazing mom :D


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