Apr 8, 2013

Ripped off!!

Being Ripped off is something you think will never happen to you but sometimes you let your sensible guard down when you are desperate for something and some horrible person will swoop in and take you for a ride.

I haven't had a car for a year and a half, I've tried saving and saving but things like electricity bills, a broken telly and a break-up get in the way. I wouldn't care if I was on my own but being without a car when you have two toddlers is difficult. You want to take them to playgroups, to parks, to fun days out. To the shops to do a big food shop. It holds you back from working and yet without working you can't get yourself out of the situation.

Last week I got a loan from Centrelink and I could finally buy a car. I looked at two and found one that I thought was perfect, the people seemed really nice, reassuring me that it was a perfect car with nothing to fix.
It needed a road worthy certificate to transfer into my name and when I got that done today (after paying them $2300, every last cent I had to my name) the mechanic tells me it is a death trap, he cant issue a road worthy certificate until the ginormous list of dangerous faults are fixed.

I was so desperate for a car and so trusting of these people, I believed they were genuine as they were prepared with filled out transfer paper forms.
I am a single woman and was so focused on finally being able to own a car and take my kids out, get a job and get a whole new life in place that I let myself get ripped off. I should have got the RWC before I bought it, it was actually illegal for him to sell it without one but obviously he didn't care about that as he is not responding to any of my calls or text messages.

The thing that makes me most angry is that I told him I had two kids, that I needed the car to drive them around. How could he sell e this car, fully knowing the brake line were split amongst all the other problems.

I suppose now I just have to get used to life without a car, be eternally grateful that I got the car checked out when I did and that I avoided a big accident. Be grateful that I have legs and a brain to be able to get a bus, to walk to the park nearby and that I have internet to do food shopping online.#

I just feel so down and that every time I try to improve things for my family I am stopped at the first hurdle. I want to work, I want the absolute best for my kids. Every night they go to bed I am writing away, trying to write the next big bestseller and days like this catch me off guard, bring me down and make it that bit harder to get on with things.


Sigh, there's no point moaning, it's annoying just writing this post! I'll go back to ' The Secret'  and start the on the path of gratitude again.
I'll start right now, hopefully it'll lift my spirits!

1. I am so grateful for my beautiful children, they give me love and joy and laughter and make me want to be the best woman I can be.
2. I am so grateful for the beautiful country I live in (Australia) full of nature and opportunites and peace.
3. I am grateful for my family's continued support.
4.I am so grateful for the amount of loyal, supportive, funny, gorgeous friends I have that keep me sane and keep me feeling loved and important.
5. I am grateful to Centre-link for helping me financially in this difficult time in my life.#
6. I am grateful for being alive, every day is a gift, not everyone gets that gift.
7. I am grateful for all the money I have ever received in my life, when I have been able to buy someone lunch, buy my kids amazing Christmas presents, paintings I have sold, every copy of my book that I have sold, it makes me proud.
8. I am grateful for this blog and the love for writing it has given me back and all the gorgeous people I have met through it, all the lovely comments I have received on my posts.
9. I am grateful that I am young enough to still get to where I want to be.
10. I am grateful that I have food and drink everyday, because it keeps me alive, keeps me healthy and my children.
11. I am grateful for all the holidays I've ever had, I've been all over the worlds, loads of different countries and seen some amazing things that some people haven't had the chance to.

1996 Audi A4 - Too good to be true, thanks Mr Conman!

This made me laugh at least!

I'm lucky. Really lucky and won't let anything negative or a horrible con-man get me down, just give me a few days to get my spirit up and work something out. In the meantime I'll do drawings with my kids, make them a yummy lunch and cuddle on the couch and watch our new 'woowoo' Dvd. (Bolt - Matilda is going through an I love dogs stage!)

Wishing you all a brilliant day and keep your wits about you!!

Love Hayley x


  1. This is just awful Hayley! I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. Some people are just disgusting! Karma will our him soon enough, fear not. So glad no body ended up hurt.

    Your response to the situation is so wonderful, to count your blessings and be glad of the amazing things that you have and have had. Inspiring!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. hello, i nominated you for a versatile blog award, check it out here




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