Apr 2, 2013

Today I am loving...THE SIXTIES

It started with the beehive....
I you-tubed this video and did a quick DIY beehive as it wasn't as hard as I'd first thought.
Ok so I know mine isn't as great as the one in the video but I did it in my usual messy and quick way and was quite pleased with the results.

I bought this black and white 'oh so cute' vintagey top the other day and thought it was the perfect compliment for my new beehive!

But it was boiling hot so I posed for a few photos and took it off. I tried this other top which I absolutely love (mainly because it was one of those items in the charity shop that is BRAND NEW - 'that's still got the ticket on!' - "That's never been worn' You can see how much it was originally worth and the brilliant price you pay for it as it's in a charity shop, it's an adrenaline rush for us thrifters, especially when its a) in fashion and b) it's your size, it's destiny lol)
So anyway this is my $3.50 BRAND NEW top haha, quite sixties, don't you think?



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