Jun 5, 2013

Why I wish everyone would Stop flushing chemicals!!

Ok let me get this straight. I am not a hippy or anything.... I just don't get it why it has become normal to literally flush chemicals down the toilet.

This will sound like a bit of an 'abrupt' post, I just feel helpless in the big world to do anything about it...I mean, water is vital to humans survival, why are we so careless about ruining it, wasting it and polluting it? Putting chemicals in it that could end up back in our bodies......


When you clean the toilet using bleach where do you think that bleach ends up?

When you have a shower and wash your hair with soapy paraben based shampoo where do you think it goes after the plug hole and out of your mind?

When you do anything like this it ends up in the sea, in rivers, in our waterways . Where we swim, collect drinking water, animals, fishes homes.

One day I'm scared that my kids won't be able to drink clean water or swim in the sea because it will be so toxic.

I am not asking you to stop cleaning your toilet, your showers or your homes...far from it.

But there is alternatives you can use like

White vinegar, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda.

Mix them altogether with some hot water and you have the cheapest, natural antibacterial product possible.
It has amazing cleaning results and the best thing is it has no packaging either. You can reuse a funky spray bottle every time!!

http://www.care2.com/greenliving/make-your-own-non-toxic-cleaning-kit.html < this web page tells you how to make a non toxic cleaning kit.

Or if you don't have time to make your own products you can buy eco friendly ones (my favourite ones are the ones that use recycled packaging...plastic is a whole other blog post for me...hate it!!)


This is an Australian eco friendly company selling cleaning products that you can order online.


All Images from Greenpeace, who do great work on trying to end things like fashion houses water pollution in China.

I guess even if we all made a little change it would help, being mindful of the products we use and buy and where they end up.


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