Jul 8, 2013

Looking After Yourself

Well, about 6 months ago I split up with m husband.
It's been an emotional unpleasant time but I know it was the right decision to make.

Anyway that's not what I want to post about. Single Life has made me realise I should be making more of an effort (looks wise)
I hadn't 'let myself Go' or anything and I did still make an effort it's just that with two kids and being knackered all the time I got used to looking a bit weathered and rubbish and classed putting mascara on as 'making an effort' haha.

But now (not that I'm looking for a new boyfriend or anything!) I have begun to enjoy looking after myself.

First of all, I joined the gym and I actually go, I do sit-ups every other day or so at  home and squats (OMG This is what kills me!!) and push-ups, I'd literally never done a push up in my life until a couple of weeks ago.

I mean I literally have stomach muscles again!!
These things actually work!!

After my two pregnancies I applied coconut oil on my saggy tummy and I rushed around with the kids and housework etc. but I never thought to do any actual stomach exercises! So it's hardly surprising that it looked the way it did.

If things really really improve I'm going to post a before and after photo. Bit scary but very motivating.

I've started using this awesome cream (by Sukin, obviously) and its the Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil and the Antioxidant Eye Serum which really firms things up and helps with the old wrinkles or fine lines ( I have one large on either side of my mouth it pains me to admit) and I'v even used it on my tummy haha

Other than just a bit of general pampering, keeping my nails painted, having bubble baths and wearing a small amount of makeup every day. I'll admit I've bought a  few new outfits and taken some selfies in the mirror haha.

After all you never know when you may run into Mr. Perfect!!

Have a great week everyone :)


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