Aug 2, 2013

Birthday Body Challenge hmmmm Day One

Sooooo it's my birthday soon and I've realised I'm going to be 26 - Oh My! That's closer to thirty than twenty?!
So I decided to try and whip myself into shape a bit before the actual day so that I will hopefully feel fabulous and be able to wear a pretty dress and not mind a single bit that I am a little bit older!

So I decided to kick it off with eating  few healthy things.

This crunchy combo delight looks rank but it's actually pretty tasty.
They're legumes, what everyone always tells you to eat when getting healthy because they're full of goodness and...
Natural collagens..colllagents (basically something that makes your skin look younger)

I'm In!

Drink more water and eat quite a bit of fruit.

Peanut butter on wholemeal seedy and grainy yummy bread.

I also ended up going for a massive walk (my car broke down *ahem*) so that would have done me some good.

Not the most structured of plans but it's a step in the right direction!!

Maybe tomorrow I will go crazy and do some sit-ups and eat lots of vegetables!


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