Aug 27, 2013

Mums Wear Lipstick - #1 - Intro

Hello Everyone, thanks for stopping by!

 This is the 'intro' to my new series of blog posts called  'Mums wear lipstick'

Basically, my best friend and I were re-united for a lovely week this month and we got chatting (when the kids were in bed and we could sit and have a wine!) about how our lives have changed since we had our babies, our body shapes, how to clothe them etc. etc. She told me she'd had a title in her head for some time 'Mums wear lipstick' how it was such a Mum thing to do to wear lipstick etc.

Maz and I :)  ^

She said I could use it for the title of my next book but I thought it would make a brilliant blog series,

- How to dress - Now
- New shapes
- New Style
- Finding the time to do it!
- Tips from me and hopefully some tips FOR me, from you guys!!

For instance, I have always loved fashion and clothing and style and all that jazz and when I was younger I would dress my body to accentuate my boobs, my flat stomach (even though I didn't think it was flat at the time and was always moaning about it, I realise it was pretty flat, and toned and had lovely smooth skin compared to two  pregnancies and cesaereans and how it looks now!)

It used to be easy to think about what to wear, it came naturally, I only had to spend money on myself, I could get away with edgier/fashionable stuff because I had a nice figure and I was young.

Examples of my younger days.....

But when you get a little bit older you need to evolve your style regardless of whether you have had kids or not. I love the jeans and strap top look but I guess I can't pull off any-old jeans and cami look now, I have to have well cut boyfriend jeans or high waisted skinnies teamed with a higher covered top or, longer length or one with built in padding or spanx type things!!

So I guess this is what these posts will be about, dressing the new me, fitting in with my 'mum' lifestyle, my age and some things I am excited about:

Grown up style

Fashion (not just short skirts and tops that make your boobs look big which is all anyone seemed to wear when I was in my late teens and early twenties!)

Flicking through Vogue

Timeless pieces

Dressing my body accordingly

Wearing lipstick

Doing things properly and organised


Something for Me

Some of my recent style which I felt good in (post pregnancy)

Padding and peplum shapes are my best friends!!

Thanks for Reading xoxo


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