Sep 16, 2013

New Blog title and makeover explanation

I'm getting super organised lately. I felt like I needed to tidy my blog up and concentrate more on the whole Mums wear lipstick thing, so I changed the blog name instead of just doing it as posts. I just really like the name and it really sums me up. Wallflower - Beauty and Babies was a bit too random of a name, I'm hoping this new name will make people want to click on it and have a look around. I'm really going to 'throw myself' into my blog now, I enjoy the writing aspect of it so much and even if it never makes any money it's such a great way to record everything because although I think I'm a scrap-booking genius, I hardly ever go and put the pictures and captions and tit-bits in a real life scrapbook.

It also keeps me photographing stuff everyday which is just more experience and makes me a better photographer, I'm constantly learning new things (especially as I have a new camera) . So that's the little explanation incase you wondered what was going on.

I'll also try and organise the posts by category and have a really amazing layout.

I have a few great posts lined up for the rest of this week, some make-up, tanning and shopping posts. Not to mention more 'organised' have been like a mad lady this week staying up cleaning until midnight, trying to beat 'houseworks' ass and get ahead for once instead of constantly feeling like I'm catching up or trying desperately to! Don't you hate that?!

Thanks for reading

Love Hayley


Some photos for a make-over / photo shoot I did the other day as another new exciting project I'm working on :)


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