Oct 7, 2013

How to cheer yourself up :)

I had had a few days where I was feeling a bit miserable, a combination of having my 'monthlies' (sorry but true). I went out for a few drinks on Friday with a new friend and as I hardly ever go and I had planned everything so good, I did have a few too many. It was a brilliant night and I met some awesome people.
The next day however, my body kindly reminded me I'm not 18 anymore and I can't do that kind of stuff without paying for it heavily. I was sick as a dog! On top of that I got my iPhone wet and it's still not working (pls pray for its revival people it's drying out in a bag of rice!!) and then I just generally felt down, tired, annoyed at myself and unhealthy.

But have no fear, I snapped out of it! And this was how....

I lit some candles and put my favourite songs on, I danced around in a bikini as I mopped the floor, cleaned the windows and made my house sparkle a little bit. I'm so glad I did it, instead of sitting and watching TV and wasting the night, my house is nice and clean and I won't have to run around like a blue arsed fly in the morning, I can sit down and enjoy breakfast with the kids.

Then I went into my studio and continued with a painting that is for my studio wall, not for sale or anything and I'm loving doing it, there's no deadline so I can spend a bit of time on it and I actually really wanted to do something detailed for a while instead of my usual abstracts.

So although cleaning your floor may not sound the most ideal way to cheer yourself up, give it a go (don't forget candles, fresh air with all the windows open and your favourite playlist)

Sometimes it's nice just to have some time to think, not be glued to the telly, getting distracted all night with constant scrolling on Facebook or Pinterest.

Songs that cheered me up

Nathaniel - You

One Republic - Something I need

Have a great week peeps 


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