Nov 22, 2013

Pencil Skirts and Writing Again

So I have been reading the new book by Rhonda Byrne 'Hero' and it's got me all excited, it teaches you the importance of following your dreams and although I have been vaguely doing that, I always get distracted and so now I feel I need to put more effort in.

My big dream of course is to become a hugely successful Author, where hundreds of thousands of people have read my books, love my books and I'm also filthy rich in this fantasy and can do whatever I want and live a jet-setting life full of fun and love and my kids respect me and love me and have amazing lives!!

So anyway, aside from this, where I'll be spending lots of time reading other peoples books and blogging and promoting I have already started book number three and I am really excited about it. I feel like it's a perfect time to do it, I feel like I've got my writing buzz back.
Also I am going to give up Sugar, I went and bought a jar of Organic honey and those natvia healthy natural organic sugar sticks to use in my tea and then I'm just not going to eat any foods with sugar in it. This is because I am stuck in a sugar prison, living in a constant fog and sugar crash and the main reason I have little energy during the day. So there we go. Goodbye life controlling sugar addiction.

Black pencil skirt $10 from TEMT (Best bargain all year!)
Dusty pink shirt (my sisters closet) but I love the style of these sheer shirt type things (I'm adding it to my grown up collection)
Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo bag from Endeavour in Paddington (Brisbane) I love this bag so bloody much $25

Have a great weekend Bitches xoxo


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