Jan 20, 2014

A Year of Adventures

First Stop Sydney. I have been in Australia for eight years now and I went to Sydney the first month I arrived, I was a backpacker and only stayed for about four days, somehow I missed seeing the Opera House and the Bridge, I may have caught a glimpse overhead when I was flying over it on the way to Cairns but I'm not even sure of that.

Anyway this year some friends from the UK emigrated over and invited me to stay for a weekend.
I was ever so excited to see them and finally see these lovely landmarks and even better...SUMMER BAY! It's called Palm Beach in real life. I am not really into TV at all anymore but my one guilty pleasure is Home and Away! Like, it's borderline obsession...okay it is obsession but hey I'm a single girl and those river boys sure as hell brighten up an evening!!

My friends were well aware of this and took me to see it, although there was no filming being done and I didn't get to stalk any TV hotties I was completely overwhelmed with the amazing beach, the beautiful weather, the whole area was stunning and it was just a perfect day.

It's amazing how good new places and experiences make you feel :)

I'll just wait here until Brax gets back!!

Does this beach look familiar?!

Nothing like soft white sand between your toes

I got a little taster of my dream lifestyle and I'm already planning what my art gallery will be called, where the kids will play, what my mansion will look like, how it will be decorated and where I'll keep my boat and paddle-board when I make my first five million! :)


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