Jan 4, 2014

Post C-Section body - Tips that will help!!

After my C-Sections (I have had two) I didn't really do any proper stomach exercise for a couple of years. I had no core strength atall and had kind of accepted the way my tummy looked. I mean I was healthy and had two beautiful children so I am still not too worked up about it.

BUT I am single now and have been for quite a while. So the last year I have been 'getting my groove back' for my own wellbeing, confidence and in the hope a handsome male will also find me attractive!!
I have been going to the gym at least twice a week, I can do proper ab crunches now with no help from the wall and I can feel my body taking on the shape I want it to.

I still have a major sugar weakness though which is standing in the way of my vision haha.

But also, no matter how many ab crunches or ab workouts I did I wasn't really getting that far with my tummy. Until I read THIS BLOG POST

I had never heard of TVA's or anything like that. It was only because I was thinking about this issue when it occured to me I had had two C-sections and my stomach muscles had been cut open twice in the space of 13 months. I googled post C-section body issues or something similar and so much helpful stuff came up. (Thanks Google)

The thing that resonated with me was that when your stomach muscles are cut open and sewn back up your brain loses connection with them and you have to do a DIFFERENT TYPE of exercise to link them again. So that's what I started doing and I kid you not just a weeks worth of these exercises has left my stomach (almost) flat. I am thrilled and going to keep doing them, combined with my other gym stuff which will hopefully be more effective now.

These are the exercises I have been doing (copied from the blog post pasted above)

POINT TUMMY VACCUM (read this in Paul Cheks' book, How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy)  Getting on your hands and knees inhale and let your stomach hang to the floor. Then exhale and bring your belly button in to your spine. Hold and repeat 15-20 times.  

PELVIC TILTS - lying on your back (you can even do this in bed) tilt your pelvis under while pressing your lower back flat against the ground. Do a little squeeze and hold.  Also take your fingers and press in to your pelvis area where you should be feeling it. This will also help tell the brain to start turning these muscles on.  Do 15-20 reps of these and repeat 2-3 times when your body feels ready.

And ...

Isometric Exercises

Isometric exercises are exercises that contract the muscles without necessarily moving the limb in any particular direction or position. Being aware and conscious of your abdominal muscles after birth can be a good conditioning exercise. Imagine pulling in your abdomen and making it touch your back. Hold that position for at least 10 seconds and repeat several times throughout the day. You can do this exercise while in any position and you don't have to worry about causing injury.

#GymSelfie (Well on the way to the gym in my workout gear)

Hope this helps some of you xoxo 



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