Jan 7, 2014

Reward Jars

My son has been getting a little cheeky lately, he's almost four and has started answering back, seeing how far he can push it and if I don't keep an eye on him he gets into some right mischief. Not to mention him and his (almost three year old) sister are constantly fighting with each other. One minute they are hugging and saying "you're my best friend" the next they are snatching and screaming over each others toys.

I decided to try a few things to get it under control, one of which being a 'Reward Jar' (so much easier than a reward chart' I hopped onto trusty old pinterest for some 'pinterest parenting' at it's finest. I found a brilliant pin for some reward jars where I found these free printable labels over at

My Sisters Suitcase blog

I got two glass jars and stuck the labels in with a bit of tape, then I got some of those coloured stones (you know like the ones you put in fishtanks) and some seashells and other cute bits and put them in a separate jar next to the others.

The idea being if they do something good, like good listening, sharing, something kind or helpful they get a 'Gold Doubloons' (Like the coins Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates win on the show)

If they do something bad, they lose one.

If they have 20 Gold doubloons at the end of the week (Saturday) they get a magazine of their choice, Disney, Peppa Pig etc. as it is a treat and not something I would normally buy them.

So far it has worked great, they get really happy when I say they have won a Gold doubloons and I let them choose which one they want and then when they do something naughty I take one away they get upset.

They are on track to winning a magazine and pretty excited about that.

Cheers Pinterest :)


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