Jan 1, 2014

Time for some real Art

When I don't paint or do something creative, like writing or photographing or playing the piano, I get miserable. I feel like I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing and sometimes I get weird creative explosions where I want to do all these more than ever, I get great ideas for paintings and blog posts and finada piece of music I can't wait to learn.

That's what's happening at the moment, I have two great books I'm reading, I am writing my third book (which is really exciting for me, I'm at the beginning, only two chapters in and full of gusto!) I am also working on a huge painting that is of Greece, it is one of my first non abstract pieces in a while and has a lot of detail so it will be a project for the next couple of weeks. I'm also doing a kids canvas series for my own kids and some friends to advertise on my website.

I'm finding it hard to fit it all in, especially as because ahead of all these things I am a Mum, and I'm the type of Mum that if I am not baking, giving my full attention and quality time to the children, whether it be activities, day trips, planning Organic food menus or whatever - I feel tremendous guilt!

BUT!! The kids are at nursery today (My sons last day before he starts Kindy #proud) and as it is only for today and they haven't been for two weeks due to Christmas and New Year, I will be painting my little heart out, practising that John Legend 'All of Me' Piano Music and typing up two chapters of my new book. Maybe tonight I'll make time for some ironing (sigh) when the kids are asleep.

So I have no inspirational New Years Blog Post going because my brain is having an artistic explosion right now and this is all I could manage to type up before I head back out to the studio!

I will say this though

Thankyou so much to whoever is reading this and anyone who supported me with painting sales, photo shoots and book sales this year, it means the world to me and I am so grateful for everything I have learned and all my blessings in 2013.

Peace and love to all of you



  1. I love the painting! Blue is my favorite color :D


  2. Happy new year to you too! Thank you for all your support on my blog. xxx Abi.

    1. No worries, I love your blog! Glad everything worked out with your job and childcare situation, happy for u :)


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