Jun 9, 2014

Doing stuff I love - A Productive Day

It's always a good day, when you spend it doing stuff you love. I try and combine my loves with my working life as I'm sure it's the key to being happy and successful.

So today I set the alarm early, the plan was to get up at least an hour before the kids but my alarm woke Oscar and he got up too but he was no trouble. I hung the washing up and stuck a new load in and got started on my 'Lovebirds' paintings.

I also finished off the little magazine rack and side table I have been painting white.
It's probably the worst paint job ever and I definitely won't be changing my career to furniture restorer anytime soon but it was a cute piece I picked up secondhand for $10 and I knew it'd look gorgeous white.

Also, as I was in the painting zone I decided to start on one of my big canvases. I just love doing big art and I decided to re-create the painting I have done so many of, the one that everybody seems to request and love, me included.

I hope you like it :)

I'm feeling so inspired lately, which is good, it's when I'm happiest, creating stuff and getting stuff done!!

After I spent the morning doing all this, while the kids played Superheroes and played with Playdough, I took them to the park for a couple of hours. They had a good run around in the sunshine which makes us all happy. I took my camera to get some nice photos, but me being me, I had left the memory card in the side of my computer so I had to use my phone. Never Mind.

Hope you all had a nice day :) xx



  1. Beautiful paintings. Loving the colours! And thanks so much for stopping by and leaving those lovely comments!


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