Jun 8, 2014

What I want....

Lately I have been feeling so overwhemed by life, by my children by everything. I constantly feel tired and like there is not enough hours in the day. I feel like I am falling behind with the housework and with the things I want to achieve.

So in an attempt to get a little bit more organised I'm going to write down a few of my goals and remind myself of what I want and why I am doing it....

1. Be a good Mum
Make videos of he kids, write down the funny stuff they say, spend more quality time with them

2. Blog more
It helps to keep me writing, getting my business out there in the big wide world, it links me with people that sometimes turn into friendships and it is a great way to record moments to look back on.

3. Do the housework as it comes
Instead of having to do a gigantic clean up every few days and whole days catching up on laundry. Get the kids to help.

4. Update my facebook page with artwork weekly
Paint more, do more inspiring posts to help build an audience and career.

5. Concentrate more on my third book
Write a clear synopsis, add to the mood board, stay focused, set aside times to do it.

6. Exercise Daily
Instead of whinging about the state of my stomach and eating chocolate all day

It's only six points, surely I can manage that!!!!


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