Jun 15, 2014

Winter / Swing Skirt

It's no secret I absolutely love winter, I know most people hate it, I just love excuse to wear more clothes and not get hot and flustered all day. I like the winter here because it is only short and it never gets really freezing, it's just a nice refreshing break from the year round hotness I think.

Anyway, I bought a swing skirt a few months ago because I've seen them on lots of girls and thought were really cool, especially with crop tops. I bought this one from Target for $30 but have hardly worn it. I think I can only make it work with tights and boots. I feel like my whole arse is on display without tights because its so swishy and kept riding up at the back, also because I have really skinny matchstick legs and it just looked a bit weird. But I liked it with this outfit so it wasn't a complete waste of money :)
I bought this denim jacket last year and I am still obsessed with it, I don't know why I just really love that light denim material.
I got my Dad to take some pictures for me and I was pleased with them (even though while he was taking them he kept saying things like "Oh Jesus that's hideous" lol) 

The wintery colours and greenery are nice.

Have a great day xxxx


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