Jul 16, 2014

Separated Stomach Muscles/Mummy Tummy

I recently found out (after a lot of stomach issues, pain and weird appearance then a lot of googling followed by Doctors appointments) that my stomach muscles have separated, somewhere between having Oscar and now. I have only just found out because no one has ever mentioned this could even be a possibility to me.

I'm pretty annoyed. Especially because I don't know how long it's been like this, if something could have been done to sort it out sooner. I'm having an ultrasound to detect if there's a hernia because it still looks so weird and I get a lot of pain.

I tried to do the right thing and exercise my stomach muscles because I want a nice flat tummy (yes I know, don't we all) but I really really tried and now I feel sad as I feel like it's just made it worse. The Doctor did actually tell me ab exercise will make it worse.

I am meeting with a surgeon in a couple of weeks to discuss the possibility of having them sewn up.
I have no idea of the procedure and I still have to have another ultrasound but I'm holding off on my mad exercise for a bit, because it looks like it's worse now, kind of frustrating after hours of painful stomach crunches!!

I'm still continuing with the gluten free and healthy eating though because I really do just want to feel good and have more energy.

But it's kind of a big sigh and a bit of disappointment.

I wanted to mention it on here because it could have happened to so many other people without even realising.
It can lead to things like Hernias and if you keep exercising your abs you can do yourself a lot of damage.

I have found a couple of images on google that shows what happens in Diastis Recti (The Scientific term).

Has this happened to you?

I used this video to check myself for Diastis Recti, then had it confirmed on an ultrasound.


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