Aug 13, 2014

Tips on becoming a better writer

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This post is mainly a reminder for me more than anything. I have started work on my third book again and am asking myself questions like, How can I make this amazing? How can I be a better writer? What is a good writer? 

I have written close to half the book and have had a big break since picking it up again. I feel a bit stuck and a bit unsure of where to go with it, how to really bring it to life and where to go with the story.

So in typical blogger fashion, I am getting all my thoughts out and writing about it here.

To me, a good writer is someone who makes you engrossed in what you are reading,  gets the reader to relate and inevitably feel something from it.


Talk to someone Its amazing how getting someone elses perspective and ideas can completely change your direction of thinking and inspire you.
Today I told a friend about how I was stuck with the storyline and how I couldn't seem to move past this certain chapter. He said one sentence, I was like 'wow, that's a good idea' I could so do this, he gave me lots of other ideas after I told him more about the characters and it got me excited about continuing the story.

Log out of Facebook Or any other distractions, turn the TV off, log out of pinterest, even turn your phone off. Think with your actual brain. Concentrate on just what you are writing.

Don't Rush.
This may just apply to me but I kind of rush everything I do, it's one of my worst traits I think. I don't know why but I am always so impatient to see the finished product that I sometimes forget to enjoy the process.

Treat it as a full time job Just because you are your own boss doesn't mean you should slack.
Today I am spending the whole day researching, reading, writing and committing to this book.

Read More Reading more keeps you in the right frame of mind, that lovely place where you are caught in a story and how it makes you feel. It's also learning how different people write, what sounds good, what impresses you etc.

Write what you know  This is the best advice I think, I heard it when I first started writing, so thats why I chose the subject matter of my first two books, if there was something I wasn't sure of I researched the hell out of it until I knew what I was talking about.

Just write It's what you love, just write - how you feel, what you want, your stories you need to tell. You can proof read and check it later.


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