Sep 10, 2014

Feeling Inspired

Art as you all know, is my thing. But being able to paint, what I want, wherever I want makes me so so happy, I am so glad and so grateful I get to do what I love, there is nothing more satisfying than following your calling.

Today I went out into nature, set up an easel and did a little painting called ' The Girl with the Guitar' on a small canvas, which I don't usually do but it was all I had when the urge to paint came.
I saw a photo shoot in this months episode of Vogue which was just amazing, a girl with dark hair in gorgeous clothes in industrial type setting. She looked really arty and cool and gorgeous and I loved the whole thing, I knew I would end up drawing and painting it soon enough. There's lots more poses but I chose the one with the guitar to start with.
It is a completely abstract take on it and not accurate to the pictures, my take on it I suppose.

I made a little video of it too, if you would like to check it out HERE :)

Lots of love


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