Sep 1, 2014

How to De-Stress

Please know that when I write these 'how-to' or 'advice' posts I am writing them for myself as well. I have a whole heap of issues I am constantly trying to fix in my life lol...On the way to being a better, happier person. 
Not that I am unhappy at all, just stressed, heavily stressed in this instance.

I don't know what it is but lately I've become
1. Intolerant to any loud noise
2. Other people being indecisive or vague
3. Even more than usual dislike/panic for cooking, preparing lunch boxes, meal planning
4. Impatient
5. Overwhelmed

I need to de stress (Which is pretty hard when you're living with a 3 and 4 year old)
So I can function better, be a better Mum (You know the type of Mum that sits down and calmly explains to the children why they need to stop fighting with each other, explain rules of inside voices and tidying up after themselves instead of the one that just feels like all she does is shout and why the hell can't they just DO IT!!)

I have a few ideas (If only I can summon the energy to do it)

Re read 'The Secret' or 'The Power' they always make me feel good and get a better perspective and a feeling that I am the one who has control of my life.

Get quiet time that doesn't involve phones or computer

Go outside

Spend one whole day gtting organised for the week ahead to take the pressure off and avoid stressful situations 

Go to bed earlier

Create a calming environment

Slow down, the kids pick up on my hecticness


Do yoga or at least the diastic recti tummy exercises I need to do for half an hour each day
(To focus on breathing and not getting distracted and feel like I am doing something positive for my body)

Dedicate time each day to writing so I'm not getting upset that I haven't done it.

Basically just learning to manage time better, be more organised, slow down, think before I speak and be mindful of my attitude and words. 

Maybe I should listen to some reggae and meditate too. I feel like my brain is out of control this week with stress and it feels horrible!!

Any othr suggestions welcome!!


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