Dec 6, 2014

How to trim your own hair

After constant disappointment with hairdressers that scalp you and also the price of a TRIM (I can't find cheaper than $55) I decided to invest in some hairdressing scissors and have a go at doing it myself.
I am so pleased with the results I've done a little tutorial.

Step One: Wash your hair and gather what you need. I used a small brush, hair dressing scissors, some leave in conditioner and a crocodile clip

Step Two: Find your parting then brush your hair into two sections and bring them forward. Then smmoth the hair through your fingers making a straight line ready to cut.

Step Three: When you have done that, find the front sections of your hair on each side and clip the back sections up.

Step Four:This time angle your fingers instead of making a straight line and cut diagonally down to create layers and shape your face.

Step Five: Check both sides are even

Step Six: Run some leave in conditioner through your hair

Step Seven: Blowdry and run straighteners through.

My hair is pretty healthy at the moment because I haven't died it for years. I also only use Shampoo and Conditioner that has all natural ingredients, no parabens, sulfates, SLS etc. and most importantly no silicone (As it forms a barrier around your hair which nutrients can't get through.

No matter how healthy it is though, because it's long and I do blowdry and straighten, the ends can get very wispy. Which is all I wanted to do today, cut the wispy ends off and straighten them up. Also to shape it around my face. I am pretty pleased with the results and even more pleased I saved myself $55.

Love Hayley xoxo



  1. Very helpful, I'm gonna bookmark this for future reference :)


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