Dec 16, 2014

No wonder women have body issues - Famous magazine - You are whats wrong with society

I read a lot of magazines, like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Elle. I get excited and buy the new issue as soon as it comes out. I read them for the articles and I'm interested in fashion and upcoming trends. I also love the amazing photo-shoots and I often get my drawing and painting inspiration from those photo shoots. I find that although there is obviously a lot of models in there, its catwalk models that look that way as a blank canvas to show off the clothes. Nothing about supermodels is offensive to me in the slightest. All the magazines I read have inspiration stories about strong women, intelligent women, high powered career women, peace ambassadors  and interesting stories. Things I find admirable and hope to one day be like.

Just a small selection of my stacks of fashion mags

Today I was in the Doctors surgery waiting room and picked up the latest copy of 'Famous' magazine. It's unusual to get a recent copy of a magazine in a Doctors surgery so I felt like I'd scored. I never usually read these kind of magazines, the ones filled with celebrity lies and pretend scandals. Trashy magazines. I get it, they need to make money, people will buy anything with celebrity gossip in it. They take pictures and caption it with some ridiculous story.
Usually I don't care because that's I ignore it and worry about my own life. The only time I take any interest in a celebrity is to see what they're wearing or because I love their music or admire something they have done in their career.

Something seriously pissed me off today though. It made me so angry that these magazines exist, that people pay money for them and support this ridiculous industry of public bullying and shaming, for headlines and for magazine sales. 
The story that really got to me was a picture of Katy Perry who in my opinion and probably everybody else's, looked stunning in a purple bikini, she looked amazing, perfectly proportioned with a flat tummy and perky boobs.

I think Katys got a great voice, seems like a happy bubbly fun loving girl who recently toured Australia and I like her. I know people who went to her recent concert and they had a great time.

Why can't they focus on all of Katy's acheivements, why do people get off on the failings and bad gossip about people. Am I the only one who thinks this is sick??

The pointless headline Famous magazine ran with for the double page spread was 'Katy ditches the diet' oh I didn't know she was on a diet. Highlighting badly lit, blown up photos to deliberately try and make her look unattractive. She didn't look unattractive at all, she has a body I would be more than happy to show off in a purple bikini.
But it's this kind of awful shit the media does to brainwash us, subconsciously telling anyone who reads this 'this is not unattractive, she is fat' and as a Mum to a young girl I find this not only offensive but dangerous.

It's completely contradictive of the other double page spread they ran on girls who are 'Too thin' and obviously anorexic a captioned picture of Taylor Swift 'I eat one grape a day' So now Taylor's naturally skinny body is unattractive in the eyes of the media too. Where the hell did they even get that quote from?! I'm pretty sure she didn't say it or any of the other 'anorexic people' featured.

I wish Famous magazine would tell every single woman in the world what the exact perfect weight we should be.
Except I don't give a shit what Famous magazine and any other bullshit magazine thinks. I wish people would just stop buying this shit and having their minds and confidence altered by these idiots.


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