Mar 25, 2015

An Exhibition approaching

It's something I've always dreamed of and 2015 is the year of 'doing' I've spent years being the dreamer, I know what I want and I'm putting in the work and the actions on how to get there. Stop dreaming, start doing.

So I'm having an art exhibition, with two other artists, that are both creative and talented and driving forces. It's very exciting, especially to share the vision with someone else and to help each other get it done.

I have some big ideas and now I'm going crazy trying to fit everything in! Working, mumming etc. But it's been fun having something to work towards and (pardon the pun) see the big picture at the end. As well as creating a series and having to use my brain and think of the meaning and the story behind each one.

It will be personal, colourful, big and exciting.

I can't wait for the day to get here but at the same time don't know how I'm going to get it all done in time!!


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