Mar 31, 2015

Oh so Organised and a smoothie recipe

I have started to realise that problems tend to occur when I haven't been 'organised' - I'm the type of person that when something doesn't particularly excite me I just put it off, usually forgetting to do it completely and then suddenly it's a big deal.

I read somewhere recently something about secrets to successful women and how they had in common how organised they were. It makes sense.

Anyway, I really want to be like that, organised, successful and prepared.
So I started with the fridge. I cleaned it all out, stocked it up with potential meal ingredients, healthy snacks a d the best bit was that I cut up a whole heap of organic fruit to make smoothies for the week with.

I was ever so proud of myself and took a little picture to prove it.

I then made my favourite smoothie

A handful of organic kale, frozen mango and banana (pre cut by me!) with a coconut water base.

It is so delicious and all you can taste is the fruit.


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