May 27, 2015

Natural Product Mini Haul - Paraben free Skincare

This week had a minor splurge on some hair and skin care products. I felt tired and ugly, as a result of not eating great, forgetting to take my make-up off at night quite a few times. Also the winter plays havoc with my hair, it makes my hair and scalp dry, leaving my hair looking limp and brittle. I had to do the food shopping, so I picked up some goodies to help me feel better.

Certified Organic Rosehip Oil by Essano

This stuff is great for wrinkles, it's mean to be good for stretch marks too. It's organic and literally just a natural oil. I haven't used thi brand before but am a huge fan of rose-hip oil in general. I use it instead of a moisturiser, sometimes twice a day during winter.

Certified Organic Rosehip Oil Cleanser by Essano

So I bought this cleanser by the same brand, I loved the packaging and it was only $12.99. After using it for nearly a week I have to say it's a great product, it's not harsh at all. I'm enjoying developing a little skincare routine.

Crop Exfoliating face wipes.
Yes I know facewipes are meant to be bad but it's better than not taking off makeup at all. When it's cold and you're just too tired to remove make-up, cleanse, tone moisturise, I think these would be the best option. These ones are double-sided, one with an exfoliant, that has raised little bumpy bits and the other side is like a normal wipe. I'm a huge fan, especially as they are ffree from parabens, sulphates and anything nasty. All for a bargain price of $6.00 (20 wipes - very large size too) and OMG the packaging is gorgeous, I love the black and white, the image and the fonts. Get in my trolley.

Red Seal Tooth paste
An alternative tooth paste that I always use, it doesn't contain Fluoride, sugar etc. It's SLS free but doesn't taste disgusting. It still leaves your mouth fresh and your teeth clean and with the added benefit it doesn't you.

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

These were $17.00 each, I've only used them twice since I bought them. I'm trying to stop washing my hair every day so it's going through a bit of a horrible stage. What with the winter, recently dyeing it and trying to get some natural oil back in my hair, I can't comment too much on these at the moment. Other than they smell great and they make my bathroom look nice :)

Have a great week, love Hayley xoxo

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