May 11, 2015

The Blue Series - and the personal meanings behind them.

 It all started with Picasso in 2008. At College we studied 'The Blue Period' and from then on I have always been drawn to deep blues and black with a pop of white. I started this particular series by accident with this painting. I just wanted to paint something with passion. I got my brushes out and magined my brush strokes turning the colours into feelings. This painting is about two hearts/two people, coming today and making one world/life. Kind of like uniting of souls. It's called 'One Love'. It is the only piece of my work that I will never sell.

I got so many comments and so much lovely feedback. It is on display in my house and sometimes it's an immediate reaction from people who have never been inside before to comment on the painting straight away. I loved it so much that I used the process and the colour palette to create some more.

The next one I did, was painted outside. I set up my easel in the garden overlooking all the trees whilst my family were outside too. I didn't think too much, I just painted, the outcome was great and it sold straight away!

This one is called 'This moment' 

The two below haven't been named yet as I only did them last week and it will be an ongoing series. But I really love them which is why I'm writing this post about them :)

Heres some of my favourite from Picassos blue period:

This is my absolute favourite! I actually have a big framed print of this woman at home :)

Hope you're having a great week. Love Hayley xoxo


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