Sep 18, 2015

4 Product - Minimal / Natural Make-up look

You know the days when you look like crap, your skin feels gross and the last thing you want to do is pile on a load of make-up but you can't possibly leave the house with nothing on in case you scare the kids at school drop off?

Well I had a day like that today. But sometimes I just don't have time to prime, powder, highlight and contour for an hour, or the energy.

So here is my 4 product - minimal effort make-up look that covers the basics without clogging up your pores or requiring too much effort.

1. Maybelline Brow Drama - If you haven't seen this already it's quite a unique product, like a brow mascara, with the fibres of the product clinging to your brow hairs. Leaving your brows looking much fuller but still really natural looking, compared to a pencil or brow shadow which can look quite overbearing or over done.

2. Crop Foundation - This is my current foundation, I like it for it's natural ingredients. It's not the best foundation in the world but it's got quite good coverage and feels very lightweight on your skin.

3. They're Real Mascara by Benefit - I got this free with a magazine a couple of weeks after I bought the full  priced Roller Lash alternative from Benefit. I actually prefer the 'They're Real' mascara because although Roller Lash is amazing it does feel very heavy on your lashes and after a few hours can irritate my eyes. This one opens your eyes out so much and feels like they are so much thicker and longer when you have applied it.

4. Kora - Lip Balm - This is such a beautiful shiny lip balm. I use it as a gloss because it looks so pretty and it lasts for ages.



  1. beautiful look!
    i love the they're real mascara!
    great post
    catherine xx

  2. Thanks Catherine! Yeah so good hey! xx

  3. I've been wanting to try the Brow Drama for ages, it sounds like such a good product!

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