Sep 22, 2015

Staying at the QT SYDNEY

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go on a work trip to Sydney and stay at the QT SYDNEY Hotel on Market Street.

Now, I am a huge sucker for Posh hotels anyway but this place was seriously incredible.

The QT Sydney was my perfect hotel room. Being an artsy kinda gal, I was in heaven. Surrounded by the art deco, Italian mix, luxury that is this beautiful place. The whole hotel, from the second I arrived (when they came out to the car, opened my door and  helped me with my bags!) was a work of art in itself.

My room-

As I opened the door there was soothing (yoga type) music playing,  inspiring messages playing across the tv screen, incredible mood lighting and the most beautiful designer furnishings. Any hotel that gives you up to date Vogue and other glossy mags is also a winner for me.

The bed was really really comfy and really really big.

The Bar - After work was done and dusted we did head to the bar for quite a lot of drinks. So I appreciated the luxurious hotel room more than ever in the morning in all my hungover glory!!

I just love little getaways like this where you get to experience new and exciting things/places and get a taste of that luxury lifestyle!!

I also met up with some of my old friends who live in Sydney, so all in all a fantastic time was had!



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