Sep 9, 2015

Favourite Things about Spring - Outfits, Places, Things

I am so glad to see the arrival of Spring. It was a very long and cold winter in Brisbane and I am relieved that the days are warming up and we can break out the cute summery outfits, play outside with the kids, feel the sun on our skin and just enjoy not having icy cold hands and feet!!

I have started to buy a few outfits ready for Summer and today I got to wear the one I've been most excited about.


It's unusual that I find something that fits me properly anymore. I don't know if I have a strange body type or if I'm just looking in the wrong places.
I was in City Beach the other day and I saw this cute little play-suit. I didn't have high hopes that the busty bit or length of the play-suit would fit me because they just never do. They're always too long and baggy and the boob bit is normally way too low. But I tried it on and it just felt so comfortable, nice light material that would be cool in summer and the busty bit and the short length was perfect!

I think I'll get a lot of wear out of this this season.



For the first time ever I went to Tony Bianco and bought a pair of Sandals. I am obsessed with gold at the moment and knew I wanted another pair of gold sandals for the summer (I had two pairs last year that I wore alternately every single day and they were in such bad shape I couldn't get another year out of them)
So I knew they needed to be leather and good quality because I will be wearing them a lot. These ones I found are really nice and I can wear them with pretty much everything.


I've had this for a while and love wearing it. This gold glittery nail polish by Sally Hansen is perfect if you don't have time to do your nals very often because you can't notice if it chips. Its just clear nail polish with gold glitter. It lasts for ages, especially if you put two coats on. It fits in well with my gold obsession and goes nicely with my sandals :)


I recently discovered this little gem of a place at our local pet and produce store. I used to think going to get more chicken food was such a chore until I discovered The Curious Caravan Its a vintage 1957 caravan called Peggy Sue that serves coffee, hot drinks and delicious snacks. I am obsessed with it. Seriously, in a world full of mass produced, horrible chains with no soul, I crave places like this.

I take my daughter along with me and something so simple as taking her out for a hot chocolate suddenly becomes this huge special treat that she tells everyone about. There's an old telephone, fancy candlesticks and beautiful vintage crochet pieces, and bunting surrounding you. She's in her element there and so am I with the 50's rock playing quietly in the caravan. 

To compliment the unique setting the hot chocolates are delicious, they have a range of gluten free snacks which is a huge bonus for me. While we're having our sweet treats Matilda plays with little tea-sets and cute story books.

The first day we went there, Matilda came home and asked me if I could paint the caravan for her bedroom!

Go check out The Curious Caravan at Brookfield Pet and Produce store!

Have a great day, love Hayley xoxo


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