Sep 6, 2015

My Fashion Illustration

I'm kind of addicted to instagram at the moment. I mainly follow fashion or art accounts and lots of models. There are some amazing Fashion Illustrators on there and every time I go on, I am inspired and can't wait to start drawing.

So here is an update of all my fashion related art lately.

Kim Kardashian - because I just love her face and she does have awesome style style lately. This was from a photoshoot she did in Vogue a few months ago.

Cara Delevingne - I have been drawing her a lot recently to practice my face skills.

Gigi Hadid from an awesome Max Mara ad

Kourtney Kardashian in that fabulous red jumpsuit she rocked at the VMAs. I'm obsessed with Kourtney and especially her style post Scott break-up. She looks amazing.

This abstract painting was inspired by a beautiful Ellie Saab ad in Vogue.

Hope you like,

Love Hayley xoxo


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  1. Simply amazing... You are so talented and it is so nice to meet you.


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