Sep 10, 2015

Nothing to wear fix - Outfit Inspiration

You know that annoying moment when you go shopping and you actually have money to spend but you can't find a single thing that you like or that fits you? It happens to me pretty much every single time. It's so annoying considering I have 'nothing to wear' and when I do have time to go shopping alone (without Oscar and Matilda in tow - unlocking my changing room door and showing everyone my half changed, in my underwear look)

I usually only get half an hour after work or a couple of hours at the weekend if Craig or my parents are looking after the kids. Even then, I usually have to go to Target to pay off a lay-by or do grocery shopping or something boring and time consuming. 

Gone are the days where I could take my time at the shops, trying on everything a few times just to make sure I do actually like it and it fits properly. I no longer have the time to try and find the best possible price in a different store or ponder over which colour would go best with my other wardrobe items.

So often I've bought something just because I'm going somewhere and need something suitable to wear. Rushing in, grabbing the first thing that's ok, that fits me and at full damn price.

It's a waste of money and I usually don't feel great about what I end up wearing either.

So with a new season approaching and a more organised me developing every day I have decided to do a little research and make up a list of things that I think would suit me, that I can see myself wearing and feeling good in. That way I'll know where to head, save myself some time and money by not making irrational decisions when I need to buy something next.

A clothing brand I've been loving lately is American Apparel because I generally like their materials, their sizing and their basic, versatile styles.

I feel like you can never have enough tops, especially in a style/cut that aren't going to go out of fashion in one season and I'm seriously lacking in tops right now. I've got heaps of dresses, skinny jeans, shoes but every time I need to choose a top, my wardrobe leaves me uninspired.

So first up are a range of cute tops from American Apparel that I really like. Especially the peach coloured crop. I can imagine wearing it to the office with a high waisted black pencil skirt, some nude sandals and a nude make-up look.

Tops by American Apparel. Crops, Blouses, Turtlenecks + More. Shop Women's.


American Apparel

I also looked at the dresses, I have plenty of dressy dresses but it's coming up to Summer and the best thing to have filling your wardrobe in Brisbane are a range of casual dresses for those really scorching days.

These are my Favourites

Dresses by American Apparel. NEW Styles, Lengths, Prints + Fabrics. Shop Now. American Apparel Dresses American Apparel Dresses 

Ok now I have my wishlist or at the very least outfit inspiration, I just have to wait until payday!



  1. Hey! I like it very much!!! <3


  2. I think doing a bit of research beforehand can be really helpful and definitely makes those impulse buys we all regret a lot less likely to happen. I have recently collected my favorite fashion inspirations via instagram and printed them out and put them on the inside door of my wardrobe to give me some inspiration when I go shopping or when I am planning outfits with pieces I already own.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  3. Wow im in love with the dresses they look so pretty and comfy at the same time ! ;) Love your pick


    1. Thanks Sarah and yes that's exactly what I was looking for, pretty and comfortable. Thanks for stopping by xx


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