Oct 10, 2015

Happy Birthday John Lennon

Yesterday is what would have been John Lennon's 75th birthday. I saw it on facebook this morning and it got me into one of those reminiscent moods.

John Lennon has been a big deal to me throughout my life.

Starting from around the age of about 14 when I first discovered the Beatles.

I was instantly obsessed. The Beatles Illustrated lyrics was my most prized possession. Like a bible to me. The psychedelic artwork along with the lyrics which I found hundreds of personal meanings in.

Then there was John Lennon. The first song I ever played (well) on the piano was 'Imagine'. I was kind of a hippy in my teenage years. I still am now I guess, in a way. I became obsessed with the idea of Peace, confused by the world we lived in as I found out more and more about World poverty, nuclear wars, political wars, religious wars, money and all its awful power over the human race.

I saw this quote by John Lennon 'If everyone demanded Peace instead of another television set, then there'd be Peace'

It really resonated with me, I thought, wow, it's that easy. What the hell is wrong with people and he became a huge hero to me.

My favorite song by John apart from 'Imagine' is 'Stand by Me' I love to sing it really really loud.

It's amazing how one person can have such a huge impact on millions of peoples lives. Apart from amazing songs and musical talent, he taught us to stand up for peace and contribute to a better world, which I think is a pretty amazing thing to be remembered for.

RIP John xxxx

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