Oct 11, 2015

Spring Pink Dress for the office

As you know, it gets pretty hot in Brisbane. The weather has been gorgeous lately, with lots of lovely sunshine and some high temperatures.

I work in the city, about half an hour away from my house but because there is no parking, anywhere, I have to catch a bus and it takes at least an hour to get to the bus stop closest to the office. I then have a ten minute walk from there too. I absolutely suck when I get hot and flustered so I have to wear something that is suitable for the office but is cool enough that I won't melt or feel suffocated in.

Today I've got the perfect outfit for that. A cute little floral pink dress from H & M.

I love this dress for a few reasons.

- I can wear it to work without feeling like I'm wearing an office get-up but because of the simple cut, it is still very suitable for the office

- It has really cool thin fabric 

- I'm obsessed with pink at the moment (It makes me look more tanned)

- It's the perfect length, sensible and not too short without being grannyish

- It only cost $10 #bargain 

- The floral print is fun and summery but not too girly with the flowers being black and grey

I'm going to be on the hunt for more dresses in this cut. The A-line hem is really nice and I love the fact my chest is covered and the nice sleeveless detail.

Having a break from the office. Side note - How great is coconut water? I find it tastes so much better when it's out of a can. This is an organic one by 'Nakula' and it tastes so nice and keeps you feeling really hydrated, it has something like 5 natural electrolytes in it! 

I am absolutely loving this weather, there's still a nice breeze and everything just feels so much happier when you can feel the sun on your skin!

Have a great week xxxx


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