Dec 8, 2015

'The Project' You need to Stop Laughing about Global Warming

I am usually a big fan of Channel Tens evening talk show, 'The Project' it's a light-hearted and generally entertaining show that most people do tune into at that prime time of the evening. But there's been a few times recently where I honestly cannot believe the sheer stupidity and blatant disrespect of the panelists when it comes to the topic of Global Warming and most subjects surrounding the environment.

I feel really angry that these people who have so much influence and such a large audience would joke about this subject, literally make a mockery of it on numerous occasions instead of using their opportunity to inform of of the problem, help the problem or at least get people involved in helping.

The first time I got annoyed was on Friday (27th November) when the topic of The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference arose. Introducing it as 'The most important meeting of minds since Kim K met Kanye' pissed me off immediately. They did say that the effects of climate change (if a rise more than 2 degrees industrial level happens) The effects will be 'Catastrophic and Irreversible' and that we are heading for a rise of 5 degrees. With that drastic sentence they then cut into the segment right then and decided to drop a video of Panelist Waleed dancing in a parody of popular Drake song, 'Hotline Bling' which HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STORY. It was distracting and pointless and I honestly couldn't believe how funny they thought it was.

They showed a table of CO2 emissions (similar to the one below) which shows Australia is one of the worst Countries in the world for CO2 emission, even compared to the UK and America which has a much higher population. I for one had no idea about this and was pretty shocked. Instead of elaborating on this or leading onto a table or even a link we could go to they simply dropped the co2 table, laughed continuously and only commented repeatedly on the parody of Waleeds random and inappropriate dance to Drake song. Panelist Tommy Little continued to distract from the story and go on an on about Waleed as Drake. It wasn't funny the first time, or all the way through the segment or in the comments.

 It was so embarrassing and so disrespectful on so many levels.

Then last night (8th December) they mentioned the fact that China had issued a Red Alert Warning for Pollution Levels. That visibilty dropped to around 200m metres, that Schools were closed and cars were only to be used for minimum times. The Pollution levels have shut down a whole city because the AIR that they have to breathe was 20 times higher than what is considered unhealthy. Children and Elderly people were advised not to go outside at all.

It's a huge fucking problem people?? 

Instead of taking this seriously though or adding a valid contribution to the story, Tommy Little only commented that he would 'love it if he was a kid and School was closed', that he would be 'chucking tyres out the windows and extending the pollution ban for as long as he could'. Obviously this was a joke but I don't understand the need to joke around this subject, it's not funny, people in China are in serious danger. Why not offer a sensible opinion or lead onto more facts about why this has happened etc. Instead of the blatant disrespect and handling of the situation. You can't be mocking this issue or act like it's okay to laugh about it.

Moral of the story, don't make a mockery of the subject that is effecting our country and our planet is a whole. Global warming will end life on Earth. How about trying to make a change and encourage people to take action, to encourage our Government to actually do something?

Just a thought. We only have one world, idiots.

Seriously, 'The Project' and mainly Tommy Little, sort it out.

If anyone is interested in learning more about Climate Change or things you can personally do to help, there are links below.


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