Dec 22, 2015

Using Oil Paints and New Video up!

I recently used Oil Paints for only the third time ever. I have always been scared off by Oil Paints by the mess, the fact it doesn't dry for a few days and how it ruins your brushes (Which it actually doesn't if you just clean the straight away or use turps!)

But I'd been watching a lot of YouTube videos and painting tutorials by some of my favourite artists
Lena Danya and Katy Jade Dobson and I wanted to give Oils another go after seeing the stunning images these artists created but also the amount of depth and how realistic you could make things look.

I was super pleased with my final outcome, especially as I'm basically a beginner with oils.

I videoed the whole thing if you'd be interested in watching! Also this was the first video I have made using the audio narration which I really enjoyed. Would love to know what you think. 

Love Hayley xoxo



  1. Beautiful drawing :)
    Maria V.


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